BarkHappy Hosts 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social in Austin, Texas

Posted by Mateja Lane
barkhappy Ice cream social

BarkHappy is a social media app quickly making themselves known in the Austin pet community. 

BarkHappy is a social media app for your dog! With the app you can connect with other dog owners, find out about dog events and dog-friendly establishments, and be alerted if there are any missing pets in your area.

BarkHappy all started when Ninis Samuel adopted his dog Kerby. Samuel would take Kerby everywhere with him and found it frustrating that their wasn't an easier way to see if his lunch spot allowed dogs or if Kerby's best dog friends would be at the dog park. BarkHappy was born.


BarkHappy is based in Austin, Texas and is involved with lots of events in the pet community not only in Austin but in cities all across the country! Some future events include happy hours in Chicago, bar crawls in Sacramento, game nights in Seattle, and so much more!

On Sunday, BarkHappy hosted their second annual Ice Cream Social with ice cream donated by Amy's Ice Cream and the money raised went to local pet charity Austin Pets Alive.

The day was filled with hot Texas sun, lots of ice cream, beer from local brewery Friends and Allies, and tons of activities for humans and dogs alike! It was a great day!

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BarkHappy Hosts 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social in Austin, Texas