BarkShop Releases Special Stocking Stuffer Collections for Dogs

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Does your dog get a stocking hung by the chimney with care?

Well, instead of just stuffing it full of dog treats or whatever you find in the dollar section at Petsmart, what about a more meaningful stocking stuffers for your four-legged friend?

If you haven't heard of BarkBox and you own a dog, you must live under a rock. Paving the way for the world of pet subscription boxes, BarkBox curates monthly boxes that are delivered to your door every month. In the box you'll find everything from toys to treats to training tools.

But this holiday season they decided to create boxes more specified toward canine gift giving through their online retail store BarkShop. According to a survey they ran, 80% of pet owners are getting their dog a gift this year and 57% are hanging a stocking for their four-legged friends. So they decided to give those pet parents options for thoughtful stocking stuffers. Here are some BarkShop stocking stuffer collections available.

(If you order by December 19 they will arrive by Christmas Eve!)

Stuff and Stocking Bundle

stuff and stocking

The Stuff and Stocking Bundle includes:

Costing $20.00, you can rest assured you are giving your pooch quality, natural treats in their very own stocking.

Cold Weather Bundle

barkbox stocking stuffers

This box is filled with fuzzy toys and a hat to wear in cold weather! Included in the box is:

This box costs $34.00, but just wait when your dog tries on that hat. Talk about photo opportunities!

Meat Sweats Bundle

barkbox stocking stuffers

This box is filled with toys that look like your holiday meal. Included in this stocking stuffer box is:

These toys come out of the Destroyers Club collection so they aren't expected to last forever. But at least your super chewer can feel like he is eating the holiday meal that smells oh-so-delicious for $38.00.


BarkBox fills their monthly subscription boxes with quality-made dog toys and outfits and makes sure their treats are 100% natural and made in the USA. Filling your dog's stocking can be easy this year with one or all of these boxes full of perfect stocking stuffers available through BarkShop. Check out more of our holiday gift guides too!

And did you know Wide Open Pets is giving away a year's subscription to BarkBox to the winner of our Holiday Pet Selfie Giveaway? Enter now and give your dog the best gift ever, or give the year subscription to a special dog lover in your life!

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Happy Holidays to you and your lucky pooch!

Does your dog get a stocking for Christmas? Tell us in the comments below. 

All images via BarkShop

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BarkShop Releases Special Stocking Stuffer Collections for Dogs