Police Department Reminds Us What We Can Learn from a Game of Cat and Mouse

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When Sgt. Betters discovers a game of cat and mouse, he learned some important lessons about life that we'd all be lucky to remember. 

The Bangor Police Department of Maine has a very important story for all of us. It's about a game of cat and mouse, and the importance of never giving up.

The Police Department took to Facebook to share their story. It starts with Sgt. Wade Betters being awoken by crashing in his living room. He'd been hoping to get a few hours of sleep, as his family was in the midst of having a new house built. Plus, he had only a bit of time left before he'd have to get up for his shift in Bangor.

But the crashing persisted, and Betters got out of bed.

The department writes:

Lulu, the family cat had cornered an intruder but could not seem to close the deal. When Betters lumbered into the living room he observed a standoff between cat and mouse. An epic battle of feline and rodent, both with strong wills, but Lulu looked to have a few more rounds in her.

Betters told me the mouse was spent, but did appear to have excellent genetics. This was no Jackson Labratory, genetically pure-'house mouse.' This was an outdoor mouse sturdy in spirit. Probably a mouse who understood the slogan 'If you can't stand the winter, you don't deserve the summer.' A genuine Maine Field Mouse who had built up his wind by avoiding foxes, hawks, and other neighborhood cats. This mouse was no quitter.

Betters tried to catch the mouse himself. He could not. It scurried away into the woodwork and Betters did the same. Just one more hour of sleep.

Better's lovely bride of many years was outside the house a little later in the morning after the sergeant went to work. She walked by the bedroom window only to see that the battle was not over. The genuine MFM (Maine Field Mouse) had been able to exit the dwelling, but wanted to let Lulu know that the game was not over.

In the difficult times we live in, my hope is that we all can find the inner fortitude of this small, yet mighty, Maine Field Mouse.

Never quit, look your opponent in the eye, and cross your fingers that if the screen doesn't hold, you still have the energy to run like the wind.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another.


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Sometimes animals are the best teachers of all. How many times has your cat, dog, or horse taught you some important lesson about patience, kindness, or love? Well, this cat and mouse game reminds us of some very important lessons. And lucky enough, Sgt. Betters was perceptive enough to see them.

How will you #bethemouse today? Tell us in the comments below!

All images: Bangor Police Department via Facebook

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Police Department Reminds Us What We Can Learn from a Game of Cat and Mouse