Backyard Chickens Tussle Over Piece of Pizza

Posted by Samantha Bubar

There's one piece left, and everyone nervously glances around. 

We've all been there. Pizza is important. Friends are important, too. However, pizza usually wins. These chickens are making sure that everyone gets a piece of the pie.

Well, kind of.

Friends over Pizza. Just kidding.

When pizza is involved, it's every bird for themselves. Pizza, apparently in this yard, is hard to come by. Each of these chickens is pretty determined to get their share. And by their share, I mean the entire piece.

Chickens usually eat commercial or homemade chicken feed, as well as plant matter. They also snack on grass clippings and kitchen scraps as a treat. Pizza fits into that "kitchen scraps" category, right?

Chickens and Evolution

Thought to be the closest living relative to the T. Rex, chickens have done a lot of evolving. However long they've been around, that doesn't mean they've evolved with refined prehistoric tastes. They will take a slice of pepperoni any day!

Chickens, in fact, are becoming just as popular as pizza! People are becoming increasingly aware of what they are eating and with gardens, backyard chicken coops are popping up all over the country.

Some states have regulations on how many chickens you can own, and that they are housed properly. Classes are also offered at some colleges on how to properly buy, care for, and raise chickens properly.

Chicken Care

Owning a chicken may seem simple. However, just like with any pet, it is important that you do all the research before assuming care of any living animal. The care is relatively simple as long as you know proper procedures.

Chickens do require daily care. They need clean water, good food (not always pizza), and their housing needs to be properly maintained. Nothing is better than fresh eggs right outside your doorstep!

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Backyard Chickens Tussle Over Piece of Pizza