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3 Backseat Extenders for Dogs Who Love Riding in Style


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Hitting the road? Prep your pet for comfort and success with a backseat extender!

Whether it's a regular check-up with the vet, or you're heading out for a road trip with your dog, making car travel comfortable for your furry friend is a high priority. Some dogs don't travel well, causing owners to resort to anything and everything to help them get from Point A to Point B. Some try remedies like calming treats that help take the edge off for anxious dogs, while others need  something like a dog booster seat to help them feel secure.

Other dogs, well, they can't wait to get where they're going. Energy and enthusiasm bubbles over, and they can't help but run back and forth, which can create a recipe for distracted driving. In cases like this, a backseat extender for dogs is a perfect solution. An extender fills in the gaps of your backseat and creates extra room in your car for your dog without the risk of them getting up front or getting tangled up. It's also great for dogs who get more anxious when they feel claustrophobic or like they don't have total mobility when you're riding in a car. Check out our favorites here:

Best Backseat Dog Extenders

 1. Bridge Coverage Only 

Kurgo Backseat Extender - Amazon, $74.95

This Kurgo backseat bridge only covers the gaps in your backseat, so it's best if your dog is calm and doesn't like to scratch or mess with your car interior since it won't protect the backseat. The padding holds up to 100 pounds and creates extra space for your dog to stretch out. I love that this product is reversible: You can switch from black to a sandy color to match your car's upholstery. The front flap also acts as a pet barrier, so your pet doesn't jump in the front seat -- and it even comes with cup holders and pockets. This is recommended for dogs up to 100 pounds, and will fit any car with a space between the front and back seat edge under 13 inches. It also folds down on one end to allow someone to sit in the backseat as well.


2. A Car Protector and Bridge Extender

Amochien Back Seat Extender for Dogs - Amazon, $108.99

This back seat extender from Amochien provides a solid, sturdy seat for your pet -- and also covers the backseat area, so it's perfect if you also want to protect your car's interior. It comes with four headrest straps and two seat anchors for a secure bit of coverage, but also has small openings for the seatbelts, if you want to use a seatbelt harness for your dog in addition to the extender. We love that this is also a waterproof option.

3. A Full-Coverage Option 

URPOWER 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat - Amazon, $37.99

This is the heavy-duty option for a dog that tends to get a little too excited or a little too magically covered in mud every time you get in the car. It features total coverage of the backseat and blocks the front seat, but keeps things ventilated and comfortable with a mesh window and a quilted cover. The rubber backing prevents the mat from slipping, it's waterproof and scratch-proof, is easy to install, and comes with four adjustable clips and two seatbelt extenders.

This article was originally published August 16, 2021.

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