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5 Backseat Extenders for Dogs Who Love Riding in Style


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Hitting the road? Prep your pet for comfort and success with a backseat extender!

Whether it's a regular check-up with the vet, or you're heading out for a road trip with your dog, making car travel comfortable for your furry friend is a high priority. Some dogs don't travel well, causing owners to resort to anything and everything to help them get from Point A to Point B -- Up-and-coming remedies like CBD oils and treats help take the edge off for anxious dogs, while others simply need music and they're own dedicated space to feel comfortable.

Other dogs, well, they can't wait to get where they're going. Energy and enthusiasm bubbles over, and they can't help but run back and forth, from window to window, inevitably wreaking havoc on that new car interior you're busy paying for. In cases like this, investing in quality products not only protect your car from wear and tear, but more importantly, it helps keeps your pets safe out on the open road.

A back seat dog extender fills in the gaps of your backseat and creates extra room in your car for your dog. Back seat extenders are super convenient, especially if you plan on traveling long distances. From energetic dogs to travel-weary pups, these extenders pay for themselves in no time. If you want extra space in your car or if you have a large dog, check out these backseat extenders from Amazon.


Best Backseat Dog Extenders

1. Frontpet Backseat Pet Bridge

Frontpet's extender is sure to make car rides more comfortable for your dog.  This backseat bench seat measures 22in x 55.5in and will fit most cars -- Dogs up to 150 pounds can lay out flat and stretch their bodies with ease! If you are headed to the park or beach, the large mesh storage pocket is perfect for storing toys, water bottles, and other pet supplies. If your dog sheds a lot or has sharp claws, this extender also serves as a seat protector for your car seats!

2. DogShell's Car/ SUV Back Seat Cover

This heavy-duty backseat extender fits most cars and SUVs, and installing DogShell's extender is easy. All you need to do is adjust the straps and anchor this onto the headrests in your car. Customers are loving the durability and large size of this extender for their pet dogs.

3. Amochien's Back Seat Extender for Dogs

For the safety of your pet, you wouldn't want your dog slipping and sliding in your backseat as you drive. This back seat extender from Amochien provides a solid, sturdy seat for your pet. If you want to add an extra layer of comfort, you could add a quilted dog bed on top. This extender comes with four headrest straps and two seat anchors, so your pet is secured. There are also small openings for your seat belts, in case you want to safely tether your dog to the backseat.

4. Furhaven Pet - Water-Resistant Backseat, Cargo, and Single Seat Cover

This backseat extender has over 1,000 reviews and is definitely a best seller! If you have a messy pet, this seat cover is water resistant and preserves your car's upholstery. Car rides will also be a lot comfier for your dog. I love that this comes with a front flap that serves as a mini car barrier for the back and front seats. This is a great product if you have a large, rowdy dog who likes to jump around in the car.


5. Kurgo's Backseat Bridge & Extender

This Kurgo backseat bridge fills the gaps in your backseat, so your doggy doesn't fall over! The padding holds up to 100 pounds and creates extra space for your dog to stretch out. I love that this product is reversible -- You can switch from black to Hampton sand to match your car's upholstery. The front flap also acts as a pet barrier, so your pet doesn't jump in the front seat.

It is important to know that this is not recommended if the space between the front seat and back seat edge is larger than 13 inches.

This article was originally published August 16, 2021.

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