Bachelor Party Meets Stray Dog Mama, Everyone Adopts a Puppy

Posted by Stacey Venzel
men with puppies
All photos via ABC News

Vegas didn't cut it for this bachelor party, puppies did.

Most visions of bachelor parties include keg stands and flying dollar bills, but for a group of guys in Michigan, celebrating the proverbial final night of freedom turned into so much more.

Groom-to-be Mitchell Craddock spent the weekend before his wedding in a cabin in the woods. He expected the attendees to be seven of his closest male friends.

One morning, the smell of bacon wafted through the trees, luring a stray dog to the cabin's doorstep. The door was open, but the mutt just sat there, patiently waiting.

stray dog

The men reported that the dog was wary to trust them at first, but eventually warmed up to the gang. They fed her some of their breakfast scraps, which she guzzled up and then began lactating, a sign that she was nursing. However, no litter was in sight.

Having gained their trust, the presumed mama allowed the men to follow her to a hole in the woods. One puppy was sticking its head out. The men got down on their hands and knees and ended up digging out a total of seven puppies.

men with puppies

The bachelor party noted that the dogs looked reasonably healthy, though they could needed some flea treatment.

What to do with the dogs was really a no-brainer. As there was one per the eight men, mama dog included, each of the dogs went back to the cabin with a new owner. They received baths right away!

But the story gets better.

The group had thrown together cash to buy the typical bachelor party requirements--food and beer. Craddock said:

"After the third day, our beer fund turned into puppy food fund."

All of the groomsmen live in close proximity to each other, which means frequent playdates for all the adopted puppies. Are we invited to the block party?

Do you have a story about animal wedding crashers? Tell us about it in the comments below!

All photos via ABC News

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Bachelor Party Meets Stray Dog Mama, Everyone Adopts a Puppy