Adorable Baby Sloth Newest Addition to Memphis Zoo

Posted by Amber King
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She may be slow-moving, but it didn't take long for the newest bundle of joy at the Memphis Zoo to capture hearts everywhere.

Lua the two-toed sloth was born on March 17, and now that she's over a month old, the zoo is ready to start sharing her picture.

Her name means "moon" in Portuguese, and she's the first Linné two-toed sloth to be born at the facility. Her mom and dad, Marilyn and Sparky, have birthed other babies in the past, but they didn't survive past infancy. To give little Lua the best chance at life, she is being hand-reared by specifically trained zoo staff members.

Matt Thompson, Director of Animal Programs at the zoo, said:

"We are very excited about the birth of Lua. This is a fascinating species and a genetically significant birth. We're looking forward to this unique opportunity of hand-rearing our little one."

baby sloth

The newborn receives bottle feedings every two hours, and in a few weeks, she will be strong enough to move on to solid foods. Sloths mature slowly, and Lua will need help from her human family for at least the first year of her life.

She's working on strengthening her limbs, and a stuffed toy elephant gives her something to cling to. When she's not eating, Lua's favorite activities include napping and cuddling with her elephant.

baby sloth

It will still be several months before zoo visitors are able to get a glimpse of baby Lua, but the zoo plans on keeping everyone updated via Facebook and Instagram.

If you'd like to learn more about Lua and her sloth family, you can visit the zoo's sloth webpage.

What do you think of Lua the baby sloth? Let us know in the comments.

Images via Facebook/Memphis Zoo

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Adorable Baby Sloth Newest Addition to Memphis Zoo