Baby Goats in Jumpers Are Back Because It's Finally Spring!

Posted by Mateja Lane
baby goats

Spring is in the air and baby goats abound!

As the weather turns warmer, more and more animals are having their babies, including goats. And this farm has just welcomed four new babies!

Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine has nearly broken the Internet in the past with their videos of their baby goats hopping around in little knit jumpers.

Now they are at it again with the most recent batch of one-day-old babies jumping around in sweaters.

These cute kids were born a day before this video to sweet mother Rhubarb. They are brand new and already hopping, which is just too adorable. Their names are Gershwin, Butterscotch, Marrigold, and Bruno and they've already got some little, albeit wobbly, hippity hops. Paired with those tiny bleats and wagging tails, how can you not fall in love?

It is still cold in Maine come April so the creamery makes the baby goats little sweaters to protect them from the chill...and to make people fall in love with them worldwide.

These little Nigerian dwarf kiddos will grow up and contribute their sweet milk for the creamery to make delicious feta, chevre, caramels, fudge and cajeta. They'll be welcome guests to the farm's yoga classes and educational workshops as they become part of the ever-growing Sunflower Farm Creamery family.

You can always watch the goats on their live streaming camera.

How much do you love baby goats? Tell us in the comments below.

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Baby Goats in Jumpers Are Back Because It's Finally Spring!