Baby Goat Meets Puppy
YouTube: Sean Cadden

Baby Goat Meets Puppy, Cuteness Overload Ensues


WARNING: The following video will turn your insides to jelly. 

Do not watch it unless you're prepared to mop yourself up off the floor.

"Why?" you ask. Well, because that's what happens when you watch a four-day-old baby goat meeting a four-month-old puppy.

This little goat wants nothing more than to get his puppy pal to play with him. It takes a little convincing, though. The puppy is curious but not quite moved enough to get out of his comfy bed. Finally, he gives in, and playtime has officially begun!

Watch this dynamic duo in action:


Friends come in all shapes and sizes. These two prove once again that we can always find companionship but looking a little deeper than usual.

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This article was originally published March 3, 2017.


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