Baby Donkey Just Can't Even Contain His Happy

Posted by Mateja Lane

There aren't many things cuter than baby donkeys. 

Donkeys are probably cute because they are small, funny-looking horses. I guess that's where miniature donkeys come in.

They also have funny names. A male donkey is an ass, a female is a jenny, and a baby is also called a foal, like a horse.

Watch this donkey foal be too cute as it just can't contain its excitement for the world.

A baby donkey playing? Yes, please.

This little guy is less than two weeks old and is already giving his jenny mama a headache.

But, man, is he cute.

This little donkey must have been watching some wild mustangs because he just wants to run and buck. Hopefully the farmhands let him out of his pen to stretch his legs a bit and give his mom a break.

"But, mom! Look how fast I am! You weren't looking! It's okay, I'll do it again. Oh, one more time?"

What do you think of this adorable baby donkey? Show us some donkey love in the comments below!

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Baby Donkey Just Can't Even Contain His Happy