This Awesome Mailman Makes Sure This Dog Has Mail to Bring In

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images courtesy of Martin Studer via Today/ Facebook

This awesome mailman came up with a great solution on days when he doesn't have mail for Pippa the Golden Retriever to carry inside. 

Pippa the Golden Retriever has a job, and she does it well. Each day she meets the mailman to bring in the mail for her family.

But Pippa's mailman noticed that there was a problem - sometimes he didn't have any mail to give her. So, this awesome mailman came up with a solution. Take a look.

mail 1mail 2

mail 3

The mailman gives Pippa mail that he creates himself!

Clearly Pippa takes her job very seriously. Many dogs do well when they have jobs. Higher-energy breeds in particular, such as Australian Shepherds and Australian Cattle Dogs, thrive on having a job to help dispel some of their energy on a daily basis.

When it comes to jobs for dogs, the possibilities are endless. You can teach dogs to carry in the mail or groceries, and can give them "chores" around the house like putting their toys away. There are also many professional jobs that dogs can have, from service dogs to therapy dogs. Lowe's even made a service dog an official employee recently. And then there are bomb-sniffing dogs, sled dogs, and farm dogs.

If your dog has excess energy and starts to get rid of it through negative behaviors, it may be time to find him a job. Jobs can give dogs purpose and help to break up boredom, which is often at the root of negative behaviors. If you're not sure where to start in giving your dog a job, it might be best to take him to some training classes. A dog trainer can help you to teach your dog some new commands and can even help to teach him about a new job.

And if you have a mailman as great as Pippa's is, you can be guaranteed that your dog will always have a job, whether there happens to be mail each day or not.

All images courtesy of Martin Studer via Today/ Facebook.

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This Awesome Mailman Makes Sure This Dog Has Mail to Bring In