Best Boyfriend Ever Makes His Girlfriend's Kitten the Tiniest Pancakes

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: Chase Stout via Twitter

When this guy's girlfriend went out of town shortly after bringing home a new kitten, he decided to make the kitten tiny pancakes as a funny surprise. 

When your girlfriend leaves town and reminds you to feed the kitten, you make sure to feed the kitten. But Chase Stout went one step beyond. Rather than feeding their new kitten cat food, Stout made the kitten his own set of tiny pancakes. And it's totally adorable.

Chase Stout and girlfriend Kenzie Jones, of Iowa, brought home a new (and very cute) kitten in early September. But when Jones went out of town, she reminded Stout that he had to feed the newest family edition while she was gone.

While making his own pancake breakfast, Stout decided to give the kitten, Mr. Wilson, his own stack of tiny pancakes.

Stout texted his girlfriend to jokingly ask whether Mr. Wilson would also like chocolate chips in his pancakes (don't worry, he didn't actually give the cat chocolate). He posted the photos to Twitter, and the whole story is going viral.

Stout's Tweet has garnered more than 75,000 likes and has been shared more than 40,000 times.

As if this family weren't already adorable enough, you have to check out their fourth family member - Huey, a German Shepherd. Huey and Mr. Wilson get along quite well, as you can tell from these photos.

Tiny pancakes, and an adorable dog and cat? It's almost too much to take. One thing's for sure - this home is the cat's meow. After all, where else is a cat treated to his very own plate of pancakes - even if they don't have chocolate chips?

All images: Chase Stout via Twitter

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Best Boyfriend Ever Makes His Girlfriend's Kitten the Tiniest Pancakes