Automatic and Technological: 11 Best Gadgets for the Techy Pet Owner

Posted by Mateja Lane
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For the pet owner who lives in Silicon Valley, these eleven gadgets are waiting for you and your furry loved ones.

Some people are just technologically-minded. The newest, shiny gadget to hit the tech market always catches their eye, and if they own a dog or a cat they need to have the next best thing.

It's no surprise that technology has found its way into the pet world. According to American Pet Products Association, $62.75 billion dollars were spent in the pet industry in 2016. Tech companies have taken notice and have applied camera and automatic capabilities to pet products for the pet owner who loves their gadgets.

Here are some inventions for the pet owner who has to have the most technological products, even for their pet.

Petcube Play

The Petcube is a two-way camera that feeds onto your smart phone. The most expensive version of the Petcube records in 1080p HD video and includes night vision and 3x digital zoom.

The cube allows you to talk to your pet through your phone, and they can respond. There is also a built-in laser that you can control and basically play with your dog or cat from anywhere.

The Petcuberanges from $98-$199 on Amazon, depending on its capabilities.


Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is also a monitoring video camera but can toss treats when prompted on your smart phone. The Furbo has two-way chat and video communication so you can interact with your pet and reward him by tossing him a treat.

The camera boasts an 120-degree view of the entire room and the app notifies you if your dog is barking or making any noise. This allows you to communicate with your dog, and provide positive treat reinforcement, through the camera.

The Furbo Dog Camera costs $199 with a current Amazon deal that saves you 20%.

Furbo Dog Camera

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

For the pet who always seems to wander off, the Whistle GPS collar will keep an eye on them. With a slick, chrome face, the Whistle tracker looks like a dog's version of an Apple watch and will allow you to always see where your dog is and where he is headed, all from your smartphone.

The Whistle uses cellular data to track your dog, whether a dog sitter has them out and about or if you lost them on a trail. As long as your phone has service, you can see where your dog is on a map.

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is definitely a nifty gadget that the techy pet owner needs to adorn their pet's collar. It is also necessary if your pet is an escape artist.

It is on sale for $49.99 right now on Amazon, saving you 38% if you buy one now.

 Whistle GPS Pet TrackerGo Pet Petrun Dog Treadmill

If your dog needs some help to lose some extra lbs but you hate taking him out when it is raining (the wet dog smell!), then you need an indoor treadmill. Some may scoff at a treadmill exclusively for dogs, but not the techy pet owner who has it all.

We know we spoil our pets but this treadmill may take the cake for $551.31. But you never know, it may help Fido lose some weight and there is no price limit for a healthy dog. 61-OL1Lx6nL._SL1000_

Petnet SmartFeeder

The Petnet SmartFeeder allows you to feed your dog or cat the perfect portion at the same time daily, all from your smartphone.

Your pet will be all the healthier with controlled portions and happier when he doesn't have to worry about when you are coming home to feed him.

The Petnet SmartFeeder costs $149.

Petnet SmartFeeder

Cat Exercise Wheel

There's no reason to leave the cat out of the techy fun. They can also partake in the fun the pet cameras provide, even though they might not care. But indoor cats probably suffer the worst from potential obesity and boredom.

That's where the One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel comes in. The cat wheel is like a big hamster wheel but with the addition of a laser pointer, it may be the solution for your fat cat.

The lightweight wheel costs $199, even though your cat may appreciate the box it came in more. Then you'll have two new toys!

cat wheelGopet Treadwheel

Don't leave the dog out of the hamster-wheel fun. The dog version of the pet wheel can hold a dog up to 150 pounds. For that dog who has endless energy, this may be your answer.

You can put both the pet wheels next to each other so your pets can run together!

The dog wheel costs a whopping $1, 399.95 but when your hyperactive dog is finally tired, it might be worth it!

dog wheel


Is your dog an extreme ball fetcher? Give your arm a rest by buying an iFetch.

This automatic ball launcher allows your dog to play fetch with himself once he has tired you out. He simply places the ball in the top to watch it launch through the air, probably farther than you can throw anyways.

The iFetch ranges from $114.99-$199.99, depending on the size of your dog. 

iFetchElectronic Pet Door

Does your pooch have free reign to the backyard? Allow him automatic access through your back door with a collar-activated pet door. This technological convenience allows your dog to open up the door by himself with an ultrasonic collar.

The 16-inch pet door slides up automatically when the dog is directly in front of the door. You can also program the door to only open from the outside, inside, have it be locked completely, or open all the time. This allows you to control how often your dog can use the automatic door.

The Electronic Pet Door costs $349.99.

Automatic pet door

PetChatz Camera

Along the lines of the previous pet cameras, the PetChatz camera allows for two-way video capabilities so that your pet actually sees you. The PetChatz camera also has scent technology where you can release calming smells to soothe your dog if the mailman is outside.

The PetChatz add-on, PawCall, allows your pet to call you as well, to see your face on the camera.

The PetChatz camera costs $375.99 and the additional PawCall is $90. But always being available for your pet? Priceless.



GoPro Fetch 

Want to get some extreme, dog-point-of-view footage? Then you'll need the best GoPro on the market and this harness to mount it on your dog.

Your dog will be the next YouTube star when he starts making some high-def videos of his daily adventures.

A GoPro Hero5 will run you $394.99 and the harness $39.95.

GoPro dog harness

These products will make you the techiest pet owner on the block. Your house will be smartly equipped to accommodate your pet who is home alone all day. It's the least you can do!

Your pet deserves it and you'll have something to talk about when you are at the next Tesla launch party.

Will you be buying any of these gadgets? Do you own any already? We want to know in the comments below!

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Automatic and Technological: 11 Best Gadgets for the Techy Pet Owner