Autistic Boy Finds Friends in Therapy Goats

Posted by Mateja Lane

Pygmy goats Zepher and Jasper have made life a little sweeter for this autistic teenager. 

Being a teenager is hard enough but 16-year-old Jackson Seaton is battling much more than just growing pains. Jackson has autism and has trouble communicating with people around him. But therapy goats Zepher and Jasper are helping Jackson come out of his shell.

"Now he is motivated to talk about his goats. His speech teacher has noticed that he is a lot more verbal," says Alicia Seaton, Jackson's mother.

Jackson's mother bought Zepher and Jasper, both pygmy goats, from Griffiths Pygmies where Kathy Griffith trains therapy goats.

"They're therapy goats. The goats are oftentimes smarter than the dogs are," Griffith said. "They're companion animals."

When Jackson feeds the goats he becomes more vocal, even sitting with Jasper's head in his lap while telling him stories.

His mother, of course, is encouraged with the bonds Jackson has made:

"He is just a big animal lover. As with all animals, they don't require you to do anything but love them and care for them and they love you back. And it's unconditional."

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Autistic Boy Finds Friends in Therapy Goats