Authorities Fear a Cat Serial Killer May Be on the Loose in Ireland

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cat serial killer
Image via Belfast Telegraph

With 260 cats now reported missing throughout Ireland in 2017, authorities fear they may have a cat serial killer on their hands.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Emma O'Hare from Pet Connection started plotting each reported incident on a map in September when the number of missing cats was at 70.

O'Hare said:

"There has definitely been a huge spike in the month of October, this is not a case of cats going for a walk. We are now covering a much larger area and the scale of the problem is absolutely shocking. I am convinced it's malicious and could be the work of just one person."

As of November 4, the map has been updated to reveal a staggering 260 cats that have disappeared from their homes.

We have updated the map of Missing Cats to represent a total of 260 cats who have disappeared from their homes. The...

Posted by Pet Connection on Saturday, November 4, 2017

With the number of missing cats on the rise, there is some concern that someone may be imitating the "M25 Cat Killer" (also known as the "Croydon Cat Killer" or "Croydon Cat Ripper") who is thought have dismembered and decapitated over 230 cats throughout England.

O'Hare said:

"Most of the cats are going missing along main roads, particularly the motorway between Belfast and Dublin. But there has also been a large number of missing cats reported in the south Belfast area. The glaring difference of course is that no bodies are turning up over here, but I have genuine concerns that we are dealing with a copycat here."

More evidence of a copycat - or possibly the "M25 Cat Killer" himself - came to light on November 5 when Pet Connection shared some unfortunate news on their Facebook page.

Unfortunately we have some heartbreaking news today.Wee Mylo was found decapitated this morning, not far from her...

Posted by Pet Connection on Sunday, November 5, 2017

There are currently no suspects in the matter; however, a couple of victims who lost their cats reported seeing a white van in the area at the time of the disappearances. Pet Connection is advocating that people neuter and have their pets microchipped in an effort to ensure their safety.

Due to the amount of cats who have gone missing recently, we strongly recommend that all cats should be neutered and...

Posted by Pet Connection on Thursday, November 2, 2017

Back in September, O'Hare supposedly reported her initial findings to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) but claimed they have still not responded.

O'Hare said:

"I understand that the police are busy, but I am encouraging individual owners to report their missing cat. It's the only way they will take it seriously and, at the end of the day, causing harm or suffering to a cat is a criminal offence. It's also a proven fact that people who abuse animals are much more likely to end up killing people."

A spokesperson for the PSNI told the Belfast Telegraph they have not received any additional material or evidence from Pet Connection or from the public. The spokesperson added: "Should new information come to light, police will make appropriate enquiries."

If you live in Ireland and your cat goes missing, please report it here.

Have you ever heard of a cat serial killer? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Authorities Fear a Cat Serial Killer May Be on the Loose in Ireland