Australian Boy Spends Two Years Selling Lemonade to Buy Himself a Pony

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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All images: Juliana Kent via Facebook

When a seven-year-old boy decided he wanted to buy himself a pony, he found that selling lemonade was the best way to raise the money. 

Many children save up for a pony of their own, but few ever actually achieve the dream. Seven-year-old Sabastian Lucas of Queensland, Australia was determined, though, and after selling lemonade for two years, his dream of buying himself a pony came true.

Lucas launched his own lemonade label, then sold lemonade and iced tea to friends and families at parties, saving every bit of money that he made. He also saved all of his Christmas and tooth fairy money.

After two years of selling lemonade and saving, Lucas had saved up $3,000. Lucas' mother, Juliana Kent, purchased a Welsh Mountain Pony in secret. The grey pony, named Tom Boy, was brought home to the family's stable without Lucas knowing.

Lucky for us, Kent thought ahead and recorded the moment that Lucas met the product of all of his hard work. The pony's presence took the young boy by surprise, and he broke down in tears at the sight. Get your tissues ready before you watch this video!

It looks like Lucas and Tom are hitting it off fabulously.


It's rare that young children can actually make the decision to save their money and then follow through on it. Clearly, Lucas is a very determined kid who really wanted a pony of his own.

Having children save up for part or all of the cost of a pony can be a good way to teach them about how much it costs to own a horse. It also helps to ensure that the child won't quickly lose interest in the horse, once they do have one.

Here's wishing Lucas and Tom many happy years of riding together!

All images: Juliana Kent via Facebook

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Australian Boy Spends Two Years Selling Lemonade to Buy Himself a Pony