Australia Shelter Launches Sweet Campaign to Get Resident Cat Adopted Before Valentine's Day

Posted by Amber King
white cat looking for home
Animal Welfare League

No one at this Australian shelter wants Champas to have to spend another Valentine's Day without a home. 

For 435 days, a five-year-old cat named Champas has been living at the Animal Welfare League in Sydney, Australia. When he was first brought to the shelter over a year ago, he was scared, timid, and didn't like interacting with people. He was passed up by everyone who came to the shelter as he watched dozens of other animals go home with forever families.

rescue cat looking for home
Animal Welfare League

Shelter staff members recognized the problem, so they brought Champas out of his kennel and into their reception area. Their goal was to give the fearful feline opportunities to interact with as many people as possible. He took naps on all their papers, sat sentry on the desk, and gradually worked on overcoming his fears.

Champas has made improvements since his first day at the animal shelter, but he still needs a special family to show him patience and comfort. A shelter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News:

"He's not the kind of cat that any family could take, but we know for sure there is someone out there who he would make so happy--we just need to find them."

With Valentine's Day coming up fast, Champas's friends at the shelter are determined to find him the perfect family. They've reduced the price of adoption to $50 and are doing what they can to reach as many people as possible.

rescue looking for home
BuzzFeed News

Champas is a single, white male looking for a love to last a lifetime. His perfect match would be with a mature family with no young children. He gets along with most other felines and canines and wouldn't mind having a fur sibling. His food allergies mean his new family will have to be committed to giving him a special diet, but he'll show his appreciation with unlimited head boops and loyal company.

white cat sitting on office desk
Animal Welfare League

Help Champas find the love of his life before Valentine's Day by spreading his story. No one should have to spend two Valentine's Days in a row at a shelter.

What do you think about Champas? Let us know in the comments.

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Australia Shelter Launches Sweet Campaign to Get Resident Cat Adopted Before Valentine's Day