Australia Proposes Plan to Shoot Feral Horses Unable to Be Rehomed

Posted by Krissy Howard
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Just a few days ago, Victoria, Australia, released its latest proposal for keeping the wild horse population under control - shooting feral horses too wild for home life.

The three-year plan comes after much debate. The horses, known as Brumbies, will be trapped and then attempted to domesticate. Those who respond well will be rehomed, and the rest euthanized.

Parks Victoria's chief conservation scientist Mark Norman said in an interview with

"Our preferred technique is passive traps - open yards with molasses in them and the wild horses come and go and get used to going there for food. Then when there are enough, the trap wire gets pulled and the horses are caught. If suitable homes can't be found, the advice is rather than transporting horses long distances where they end up at a knackery, it's more humane to put them down on the spot and transport the carcasses to prevent them becoming a wild dog problem."

Norman stresses that the proposal isn't "anti-horse" but rather recognizes that the Alpine environment these horses call home is not suitable for the animals.

The large numbers of feral horses have been said to pose threats to native species of plants and animals, and despite 150-200 horses being removed annually, the exploding population is proving impossible to control.


The proposed plan is drafted to take place from January 2018 until 2020 and will be open for public comment on February 2.

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Australia Proposes Plan to Shoot Feral Horses Unable to Be Rehomed