Austin, Texas Local Pet Store Collects 78,000 Pounds of Food for Animal Rescues

Posted by Mateja Lane
All images via Tomlinson's

Pet store Tomlinson's hosts an annual pound-for-pound food drive that goes to animal shelters across Texas.

Every year from Black Friday to Christmas Eve, Tomlinson's, a pet store in Austin, Texas, hosts a pet food drive where the food donated by the public is doubled by pet food companies sold in the store.

The Pound4Pound Food Drive is the largest drive in Austin and the food goes to animal shelters across Central Texas. Last year was a record when they donated 125,826 pounds of food and they're hoping to break it again this year. From the kind donations of Austinites, Tomlinson's has already collected 78,000 pounds and there are still eight days left in the drive.


For each bag bought in the store for donation, a bag from the same supplier will go into a storage facility to be distributed throughout 2017 to one of 39 animal rescues in Central Texas. That way, the food doesn't spoil and the rescues aren't overwhelmed with too much food!

Tomlinson's food drive is very successful and each year is able to feed over 400 rescue pets in Texas.


Tomlinson's opened in 1946 as a chick hatchery and has grown to having multiple locations in the Austin area. The pet store prides itself on supplying natural, healthy pet products to animal lovers in Austin, Texas.

The store has been a staple in Austin for many local pet owners.

Many local pet food suppliers and feed stores have holiday drives collecting toys and food. Check out your local pet stores to see how you can help the homeless and rescue pets in your own area!

All images via Tomlinson's

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Austin, Texas Local Pet Store Collects 78,000 Pounds of Food for Animal Rescues