Austin Shelters Need Your Help with Pets Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Daphne Cybele
hurricane pets displaced
Photo: Pets Alive Facebook page (screenshot from video)

Hurricane Harvey is displacing family pets, coastal Texas animal shelters, and local wildlife.

The impact of Hurricane Harvey on animals is so large that Austin animal shelters and wildlife rescues need your help to provide relief efforts. Local shelters are deluged with pets from Harvey evacuees, coastal shelters, stray pets, and wildlife displaced from tropical storm Harvey.

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pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey
Photo: Pets Alive Facebook page

Local Foster Families Needed

Animal shelters are in great need of foster families, not only for stray pets rescued from the Houston area floodwaters but also for evacuees unable to find a shelter that will take in families with pets. If you can foster, please contact a shelter near you. If you find displaced pets or displaced animals, shelters ask that you report the stray by calling 311 and then foster temporarily to ease the burden on overflowing animal shelters.

Shelters are also requesting you check before donating some items, as some are reporting they are running out of storage for donated dog food and crates.

hurricane pets displaced
Photo: Pets Alive Facebook page (screenshot from video)

The Numbers Are Overwhelming

Austin Pets Alive has relocated and helped over 235 animals. Austin Wildlife Rescue has taken in more than 100 animals including 70 baby squirrels and many other wild animals over the course of this catastrophic tropical storm. Baby squirrels are easily dislodged from their tree nests during heavy rain or wind storms and often require help from animal rescues to get to higher ground.

animals displaced by Hurricane
Photo: My Statesman

Ways You Can Help

pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey
Photo: Pets Alive Facebook page

Austin Pets Alive
is seeking longer-term and medical foster homes. All of the forms and more information can be found on their website.

Austin Pets Alive also needs cat litter and boxes, leashes, plastic or metal bins to store food safely away from water, trash bags, and cleaning supplies. Check their updated wish list here.


Shelters are also in need of towels, newspapers, and bedding for animals as well as financial donations. Click on the link below to visit the shelter's website or call the rescue groups for wish lists.

Hurricane Harvey is the worst storm the Gulf Coast has ever seen; worse than Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005. Rescue efforts will continue for time to come from this natural disaster and will need all the support they can get from good Samaritans around the United States and beyond.

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