Austin Man Heads to Corpus Christi to Rescue Two Dogs from Hurricane Harvey

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When his mother told him about two dogs in Corpus Christi that needed to be rescued from Hurricane Harvey, this young man sprung into action.

"I said why not? And jumped in my truck," Connor, who asked that his last name remain anonymous, told The Dodo.

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Connor learned about the two dogs from his mother, who is a volunteer for Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption and found out about the situation while browsing social media.

The two dogs, Thelma and Hercules, were in a Corpus Christi foster home that needed to be evacuated due to Hurricane Harvey. The rescue required a driver to bring the dogs north to keep them safe.

That's when Connor hit the road and drove four hours, in the direction of the storm, to rescue the pups.

"I didn't really think -- I just figured someone needed to help them," Connor said.

Although Connor had never done a dog transport before, Lucky Lab's Texas transportation manager, Stephanie Broughton, talked him through the process.

"I told him how to tighten the dogs' collars, and to take one dog at a time to the vehicle. Also, it was important to secure each dog in his truck so they could not jump and run away with the door open," Broughton told The Dodo.

When Connor arrived at the pick-up point in Corpus Christi several hours later, he successfully loaded up the two dogs and drove back home safely.

Now Lucky Lab is calling Connor its hurricane hero.

"Connor saved the day, literally, by making a big sacrifice, dropping everything and driving four hours to an area about to get slammed by a hurricane," said Broughton. "He is a wonderful young man who selflessly gave himself to save some dogs. He is now inaugurated as a 'rescue road warrior' and we are forever grateful."

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Austin Man Heads to Corpus Christi to Rescue Two Dogs from Hurricane Harvey