Austin Brewery Makes Dog Treats from Spent Grains

Posted by Mateja Lane

Hops and Grain is a brewery in Austin, Texas that is doing something special with their extracted grains. 

Talk about sustainability! Hops and Grain is a small brewery in Austin, Texas that uses the spent grains from the beer brewing process and uses them to make dog treats.

Brew Biscuits was born when Founder Josh Hare noticed his dogs would always try to eat the grains after the sugary liquid (wort) was extracted from the grains. Now sold at the brewery and at a few retailers around the area, Hops and Grain makes healthy dog treats with the otherwise trashed barley.

Hops and Grain makes some great, locally-famous craft beers. One of their best sellers is their pale lager named The One They Call Zoe. Zoe also happens to be Josh's Papillon. Dogs are very much an important part of everyday life at this brewery.

We can think of a lot of four-legged friends who appreciate Hops and Grain's ingenuity!

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