Aunt Leaves Funniest Care Directions for Her Spoiled Little Dog

Posted by Stacey Venzel

"Don't hate her cause you ain't her." -Auntie

Tommy Rivers is watching his aunt's Pomeranian this week. He took to Twitter to share the care instructions left behind by his devoted and surprisingly hip aunt.

Twitter understandably exploded with support and relatability.

Behold the care list for: "Pepper, the most beautiful girl in the world."

dog care instructions

Twitter responded in mass hysteria:

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Quite a few Twitter users could relate:

Let's take a closer look at this note of do's and dont's.

Tommy's aunt's instructions include portion control on the food and a reminder that, while treats are encouraged, carbs are not.

The list of approved modes of affection include: "big hugs, little kiss," "sniffs" (we're still wondering just what that might entail) and of course, "belly rubs."

Tommy was discouraged from yelling at Pepper, specifically for her barking, which she apparently likes to do.

As if he needed to be reminded, Auntie made sure to mention that Pepper shouldn't be mistreated, ending with what might just be the next trending hashtag: "don't you hurt her!"

Auntie also wanted Tommy to know where Pepper was at all times during the time he watched her.

Last but certainly not least, she closed with this:

"And most important... don't you hate her cause you ain't her!"

She has a point, I mean:

Don't even get us started on the list's font.

And yes, those are purple highlights in the dog's fur.

Pepper, you do you, girl.

Do you know someone who leaves pet care instructions like this? Or maybe that someone is you? Share your funny story with us in the comments below!

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Aunt Leaves Funniest Care Directions for Her Spoiled Little Dog