Attention Non-Artists! Here's a Quick and Easy Tutorial on How to Draw a Fish

Posted by TF Oren

Some people are naturally artistically gifted.

We call those people artists.

They have all sorts of creative talents, like writing music, dancing, photography, sculpting, blowing glass, painting, name it.

But what about the rest of us who aren't naturally artistically gifted? What about the average Joe who wants to, oh, say, draw a fish?

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Well, for Joe - and the rest of us who don't art well - there's a handy little thing called the Internet, where just about anyone can learn how to do just about anything.

So today, we're going to put on our artist hats and learn how to draw a fish with this quick and easy video tutorial, because, why not?

If you have a dry erase board handy, haul it out. That's what this instructor uses. If you don't, no worries. A pencil and a good eraser will do just fine.

Here is a step-by-step drawing tutorial that will teach you how to draw fish, from the dorsal fin, which is really just a curved line, to a simple mouth.

Voila! YOU are now the proud owner of some mad fish drawing skillz. Once you have mastered the simple fish drawing, you can move on to something more complicated, like a shark!

What did you think of this handy dandy tutorial? Let us know and show us your fish art in the comments section below!

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Attention Non-Artists! Here's a Quick and Easy Tutorial on How to Draw a Fish