Attention! Baby Goat Cuddlers Wanted in Virginia

Posted by TF Oren

Feeling like you need a good cuddle? Pack your bags and head to Virginia.

Caromont Farm, a goat cheese farm, in Esmont, Virginia is seeking baby goat cuddlers for the 100 kids born there in under two weeks.

There's no question that cuddling a cute baby animal is seriously therapeutic for the cuddler, but in this case, cuddling the baby goats serves an important function. According to Caromont owner Gail Hobbs-Page:

"When they become milkers for the cheese operation, they're easier to handle. If we didn't do this on some level, you couldn't get your hands on them. They'd just run away."

In an effort to accommodate the huge number of new additions to the farm, Hobbs-Page placed an ad on Facebook, seeking volunteer baby goat cuddlers. The post went viral and Hobbs-Paige began receiving responses from people of all ages, and in various locations, even as far away as California and Australia.

So far, Hobbs-Page has received upwards of 2,000 responses to her ad. One lucky volunteer, a little girl named Stella, even found a same-name friend in her new cuddle buddy. Exhausted as they are from the immense amount of work that baby season brings, even the farm's employees are happy to get in on the cuddling action.

"I'm on my break," said one of Caromont's employees, sprawled out on the grass, covered in kids.

In addition to looking after all the babies, Caromont staff has 130 mama goats to attend to, and with some of those mamas yet to deliver their babies, it seems Caromont's army of volunteer baby goat cuddlers will have their hands full for a while longer.

And, of course, for those who missed out on the baby goat cuddles this year, there's always next season.

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Attention! Baby Goat Cuddlers Wanted in Virginia