Atlanta's Largest No-Kill Shelter Already Wins 2017 with This Kitty Kommercial

Posted by Amber King

Atlanta's largest animal rescue and no-kill animal shelter has produced the purr-fect online commercial.

Entitled, "Kitty Kommercial," it didn't take long for the video released by Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters to make it to the top on Reddit.

Starring Paul Preston from Atlanta, the video is best related to an outrageous used car commercial. With the "blackest cats you've ever seen", self-cleaning cats, and high-fiving cats, Preston highlights the shelter's cutest residents.

A woman pretends to be one of those wacky, wavy-armed inflatables, and the commercial closes out with a creative cover of Sarah McLachlan's "In the Arms of an Angel."

Preston pulls off his role with the ease of a professional comedian, but according to Huffington Post, he's a contractor with a rental property management company. His sister is a Furkids volunteer and originally came up with the idea. She knew her brother's unique brand of humor would be perfect for Furkid's low-budget project.

The video, which you're bound to watch over and over, was all improvised on-site and took about 30 minutes to film. When asked how much it cost, Furkids vaguely reported that it's worth "a couple cans of cat food for the cat stars."

Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelter has been helping animals in need since 2002. What started as a network of foster homes has since grown in tremendous ways. They've rescued more than 20,000 cats and dogs, and today, there are about 1,000 homeless animals in the program.

They're committed to providing their furry residents with the best possible care and accommodation while they wait for their forever families. The more than 5,000-square-foot facility operates without cages, leaving the animals to roam, play, snooze, and cuddle in a nurturing environment.

Furkids is the only shelter in the area to accept volunteers of all ages, and they're always looking for helping hands. Visit their website to check out their adoptable animals and to find out how you can help further their mission.

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Atlanta's Largest No-Kill Shelter Already Wins 2017 with This Kitty Kommercial