Athletic? Give The Human Horse High Jump Competition A Try

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Show jumping isn't just for horses anymore - just take a look at the human horse high jump competition!

Are you daring? Do you have long legs? Can you clear small buildings with a single bound? Then you might have a shot at winning the human horse high jump competition. The rules are pretty simple: jump over a horse fence. For every clear jump, the fence height goes up. Be the last to successfully clear the fence and you win. It's similar to show jumping.

Except that these fences get really high. Over five feet high. And we're not horses, so when we knock those poles or standards, it hurts a little more. There's risk of falling on your butt. And did I mention you do this in front of a stadium full of onlookers who are there to watch the horse show?

If that sounds interesting, then you need to check out the guys who clear these incredibly high fences again and again. Clearly some of them have high jump experience!

Do you find yourself getting a little nostalgic for the days when you were a horse-loving kid and loved jumping over the fences before or after your riding lesson? It's an activity that just about every equestrian kid has done, only it was a lot easier when we were little kids than it is now that we're teens and adults.

Think there's a future to the human horse high jump competition? It's certainly an entertaining event while you're waiting for horse show results to be released or for the next class to begin. Who knows, maybe this will become a national competition, or a regular event in horse shows.

Would you be willing to give this competition a try?

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Athletic? Give The Human Horse High Jump Competition A Try