This Artist Paints Beautifully ... on Horseback!

Posted by Paige Cerulli

It's difficult enough to create a painting of a horse, but this artist does it successfully - while on horseback! 

Artist Sandra Beaulieu has loved horses ever since she was seven, and like many horse-loving girls, began painting and drawing them as a child. When she turned thirteen, she began learning dressage, and had dreams of riding in the Olympics and of becoming a dressage judge. However, she was also determined to do something creative.

As you would imagine, Beaulieu paints many works which feature horses as their subject. But two years ago, the artist began to wonder if her love of riding and art could be even more closely combined: Was it possible to paint while riding a horse?

Beaulieu rides Rovandio, also known as Rovy, when she paints. Rovy is a 13-year-old Andalusian/Lipizzan gelding who is well-mannered and talented. Rovy has learned to come right up beside the table where Beaulieu stores her paints so that she can change colors or get more paint. Sometimes he even takes a brush in his mouth while she is preparing.

Think that painting on horseback might be for you? Then make sure to keep safety in mind. Remember, a canvas (or any other new object) in your riding arena may surprise your horse, so be sure to give your horse plenty of time to get used to these new objects.

You will want to work on your overall control of your horse; teaching him to move off of your leg and to stand quietly will be important. Take things slowly and be patient, especially as you and your horse are getting used to this new experience.

For more information on Beaulieu, Rovy, and the process of painting on horseback, be sure to visit Beaulieu's website.

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This Artist Paints Beautifully ... on Horseback!