Japanese Grandpa Finds Reason to Live After He Gets a Cat

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grandpa and cat
All photos courtesy of Akiko DuPont

At 94 years of age, Jiji has had an eventful life. He fought in WWII and trained as a Kamikaze fighter; he worked in an office for 64 years; and he had a family he loved.

But in 2009, Jiji was hospitalized and began to lose his interest in life. It was then that his granddaughter, Akiko DuPont, a freelance photographer from Tokyo, knew she needed to help.

Akiko brought home a small kitten named Kinako and hid him in her room until her grandfather found him, and the rest was history.

Akiko began to document the adorable moments that the pair has together through a series of photos.

Jiji and Kinako

The photos depict their daily lives together, two independent individuals who enjoy their own space but also share extremely touching moments.

Having Kinako for a companion brought purpose back to Jiji's life and helped him find the joy that he had lost since his time in the hospital.

Jiji and Kinako

"Jiji became stubborn and grumpier after he got sick. But since Kinako, he began to laugh more. He found a best friend in the house. Grandpa whispers to the cat, then, satisfied, heads back to his "work" or sits on the sofa to watch tv," explains Akiko.

Jiji and Kinako

One of the jobs that Jiji enjoys is turning newspapers into scrapbooks. Every day he buys three newspapers and cuts out the articles he likes and glues them into his scrapbooks. And every day, Kinako jumps up on the table to disrupt him by sleeping on or playing with the papers.

Jiji and Kinako

The pair also enjoys napping together, often sleeping in remarkably similar positions.

Akiko is so grateful for Kinako and Jiji's friendship and takes great joy in seeing the happiness and comfort that they bring each other. She even made a photo book documenting this friendship. It's called "Kinako the Cat & Jiji the Grump" and you can buy it here!

Jiji and Kinako

Keeping documenting Jiji and Kinako's friendship, Akiko! We would love to continue to see what these two unlikely friends get up to.

All photos courtesy of Akiko DuPont.

Tell us what you think about this amazing friendship in the comments below!

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Japanese Grandpa Finds Reason to Live After He Gets a Cat