Artificial Intelligence System (StableGuard) Monitors Horses Overnight

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After losing a horse to colic, one horse owner set out to prevent other horse owners from suffering the same loss.

It is every horse owner's worst fear that at some point during the night, something will go wrong and our horses will need our help.

The problem is, unless you have multiple night checks or another way to monitor your horses, you may not know there's a problem until it's too late. StableGuard can change all of that.

Equestrian Alexa Anthony knows the heartbreak of losing a horse to an emergency all too well.

In December of 2012, her horse, Magic, colicked during the night. Anthony didn't find him until 8 a.m. the next morning, when it was too late to save him. Had she been alerted to the problem earlier, the outcome might have been different.

Hoping to prevent other horse owners that same heartache, Anthony created StableGuard, an artificial intelligence monitoring system just for horse barns.

The video camera, which is mounted in each horse's stall, can recognize specific behaviors which are warning signs of a problem. It can then contact the horse's owner through a mobile app.

Check out the video below to learn more about how the technology works:

Having StableGuard is like having a second set of eyes on your horse throughout the night when you can't be there. The technology is currently being marketed to stables of 10 or more horses and is a subscription-based service with a two-year minimum commitment.

Whether you're running a boarding barn or just have your horses at home and want a little peace of mind, this innovative product could be the next step in ensuring your horses' safety.

You can learn more at

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Artificial Intelligence System (StableGuard) Monitors Horses Overnight