It's Art, Ok? Man Runs Naked with Wild Horses in Iceland

Posted by Mateja Lane
man running with horse

Art can sometimes be uncomfortable. 

Artist Nick Turner is inspired by nature. And the beauty and raw connection that the wild horses have with the Iceland landscape really speaks to him.

His project "Mesmerism" consists of him running naked with a pack of Icelandic horses and is meant to be an exploration with his connection with the natural world.

Images may be NSFW

There is no denying the beauty of Iceland with its rugged landscape, glacial blue pools, and wild horse herds that are sprinkled amongst the hills. Iceland really is a mystical land; their inhabitants even believe in fairies. And Nick Turner wants to feel that beauty with no clothes.

But he doesn't want his project to be diminished to him simply streaking with wild horses. He told Vice Creators:

"I think there's a misunderstanding about the work. It's not me just running wild with horses naked, or anything like that. Far from it, actually. I'm trying to project this idea of running with them and being in that world because that's the dialogue I am having. I think man has a lot of primal, animal-like instincts."

Turner wants to feel one with the horses, and that freedom involves being naked. He wants his work to feel "organic," and that includes his painting as well. He often uses his entire arm to make large gestures on canvas. Turner is used to using his body as a medium for his art.

This artist is enthralled with the Icelandic culture, landscape, and the wild horse herds and doesn't think art should be taken so seriously.

"Being in awe of something so much greater than you is an important part of human growth: it humbles you and keeps things in perspective. I'm trying more and more not to take art too seriously, or myself. Life is short; it's nice to take some time to enjoy being alive."

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It's Art, Ok? Man Runs Naked with Wild Horses in Iceland