The Art of Equestrian Vaulting...on the Beach!

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The elegance of the horse, the sand flying up from his hooves, the balance and precision - it's all part of vaulting on the beach. 

Have you ever given vaulting a try? Vaulting, essentially gymnastics while standing on the back of a cantering horse, takes a certain sort of bravery. The strength and balance of the riders is incredible, and you can't doubt the trust that they have in their horses.

From vaulting solo to having three or even four riders on the same horse, there are tons of variations in vaulting. And then you have vaulting on the beach.

Most of the time, vaulting takes place in an arena. The ground is even and groomed, and the distractions are minimal. But if you're really looking for a change, as this rider is, you could take your vaulting to the beach.

Watching this video, it's easy to see the appeal - the scenery is beautiful and peaceful, and when the sun begins to set, things get simply magical.

Want to give vaulting a try? Then it's best to find people who are experienced in the sport. Vaulting requires a special horse who is large enough and trained well enough to continuously canter steadily while supporting your weight on unusual places of his body.

You will also need someone who is talented at lunging and keeping the horse moving steadily in order to help keep you safe.

Learning to vault takes years and years of practice, but the good news is that there's always more that you can learn. If you love competing, then you'll be in luck - vaulting competitions are held worldwide.

So, brush up on your gymnastic skills, start improving your balance and building your core strength, and find a vaulting club or other organization which can help you to give vaulting a try.

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The Art of Equestrian Vaulting...on the Beach!