Argentine Dog Groomer Caught Dancing with Dog While Giving Him a Bath

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this dog groomer works with dogs, he can't help but throw a dance in there for good measure. 

Dogs don't always enjoy going to the groomer. In fact, some dogs totally dislike being bathed, blow dried, and clipped. But this Argentine dog groomer goes above and beyond to make grooming enjoyable to all involved. You see, Luis Antonio Caballero was recently caught on video dancing around enthusiastically while grooming a dog.

Caballero's dancing is evidence that he enjoys his job. He can't help but dance to the catchy tune "Love Shack," and the pup he's working with seems to enjoy the dancing. Even more, though, Caballero's dancing likely helps to reduce the dog's stress and keep things interesting during the grooming. Take a look at this cute video!

Caballero's wife, Gabriela, was the one who captured the video. She stepped out of the room to get tea, and when she returned she saw her husband in the middle of his dance. Gabriela captured the moment on her cell phone.

Luis might be the sweetest dog groomer ever. During his time outside of the grooming shop, Luis helps to find homeless dogs new homes. Luis and Gabriela both love dogs, so grooming dogs is a natural extension of that love. The couple owns PetShop Perrito Feliz, and a quick glance at the shop's Facebook page shows just how much Luis and Gabriela love what they do.

It seems that Luis does a great job of making grooming a pleasant and relaxing experience for the dogs in his care. Wouldn't you want to send your dog to a groomer who loved his work this much?

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Argentine Dog Groomer Caught Dancing with Dog While Giving Him a Bath