Aren't We Lucky That God Created the Horse?

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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We're lucky enough to share our lives with our incredible equines. 

You've probably heard the poem, "So God Made a Farmer." It's a beautiful ode to the work that farmers do, their hearty nature, and the fact that entire civilizations depend on their skills to survive.

Well, now there's a poem called "God Created the Horse," and it's equally as moving.

When you think about it, we're incredibly lucky to share our lives with horses. We've built civilizations on their backs. They've helped us conquer nations, the earth, and gravity with their impressive physical presence. They make us strong, they build our confidence, and they're central to the world of equestrian sport.

Horses teach us about communicating when two beings speak different languages. They provide endless lessons in patience, self-control, and how you can get farther with a gentle nature than you ever can with force.


Horses inspire us to better ourselves, and they provide us with life-long opportunities to live. They teach us to never be afraid of hard work, to deal with disappointment, and to put another being's needs before our own.

In short, horses are pretty amazing. From the emotional and physical benefits they give us through equine assisted learning and therapeutic riding, to the incredible enjoyment we gain while in their presence, we're darn lucky that they're in our lives.

Tell us how much horses mean to you in the comments below. 

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Aren't We Lucky That God Created the Horse?