Christmas Catastrophe: Are You Ready for the Holidays with Your Cats?

Posted by Paige Cerulli
christmas with cats

Christmas with your cats is always an interesting experience, as this commercial does a great job of reminding us.

Christmas with your cats. Are you ready? Christmas brings with it decorations, food, and entertainment which is all super intriguing - and irresistible - for your cats. I mean, how are cats supposed to ignore a giant tree covered in glittery cat toys just sitting in the middle of the room? Or the newly wrapped gifts? Or the turkey sitting on the counter, or the garland hanging from the door?

Christmas with your cats is, in short, a disaster waiting to happen, unless your cats have unbelievable self-control. This Temptations commercial is absolutely hilarious, but it's also incredibly true. Can you imagine what would happen if you unleashed a dozen or so playful cats on a room fully decorated for Christmas?

Well, now you don't have to imagine. Take a look!

It's enough to make anyone cringe. It's downright painful to watch the cats tear apart the Christmas tree; and the cat eating the train? Just unbelievable!

If you want to keep your cats safe from your Christmas decorations, and vice versa, here are a few tips. For one, try to keep most of your decorations to a single room that you can close off from your cats. This is where you can place your tree, your delicate manger scene, and any other decorations that are super tempting but also super breakable.

If your cats will have access to your tree, then take them into consideration when you decorate. Invest in a sturdy tree stand, and consider anchoring the tree to the wall or to another piece of sturdy furniture. Put soft, "cat-safe" ornaments toward the base of the tree, and keep your breakable ornaments up toward the top of the tree. And please, avoid tinsel at all costs. It's super tempting for cats, and can get stuck in their intestines, requiring surgery.

With a little planning, you can avoid the Christmas catastrophe of this video.

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Christmas Catastrophe: Are You Ready for the Holidays with Your Cats?