Architects Design the Coolest, Strangest Structures for Street Cats

Posted by Jason Sarna
cool cat house
Photo by Megan Bob Photography via de zeen

Los Angeles-based architects and designers have created some of the coolest, strangest outdoor structures for the city's street cats that we have ever seen.

The outdoor structures were created for Architects for Animals annual "Giving Shelter" exhibit, which benefits FixNation.

According to de zeen, the designs were auctioned off to raise money for the organization, which offers spay and neuter services to feral, abandoned, and stray cats.

Since Los Angeles has one of the largest numbers of street cats in the U.S., between one to three million, this cause is very important.

FixNation's Co-Founder and Executive Director Karn Myers said:

"This year's cat shelters were extraordinarily creative, and the designers put a great deal of time and thought into how cats would actually interact with the shelters. They are truly works of art with a practical application, and all the shelters are showcased in our online auction as well."

Check out the 13 outdoor structures below:

HOK cool cat house


Padded cylinders on the inside; a carpeted conveyor belt on the outside. Looks good to us!

Knowhow Shop cool cat house

Knowhow Shop

I want to "know how" I can see what is inside this kitty structure. A little TV? Maybe a little fireplace?

Kollin Altomare Architects cool cat house

Cat's Win! Cat's Win! by Kollin Altomare Architects

Something tells me these architects are Cubs fans.

Standard Architecture cool cat house

Catosphere by Standard Architecture

I always wanted to live in an elevated hamburger with meat patty windows.

D3 Architecture cool cat house

D3 Architecture

For those of you who remember Discovery Zone, this cat structure looks like a blast!

Formation Association, Terremoto Landscape and Arktura cool cat house

Flora-Gato by Formation Association, Terremoto Landscape and Arktura

Very natural look.

Perkins+Will cool cat house

Unfurled by Perkins+Will

For those cats looking for the ultimate thrill.

Abramson Teiger Architects cool cat house

White Jack by Abramson Teiger Architects

Simple but fun.

Abramson Teiger Architects cool cat house

Ball of Twine by Abramson Teiger Architects

Is this not every cat's dream?

CallisonRTKL cool cat house


For the disco kitty who lives in the dimension of the third eye.

HKS cool cat house

Can't We All Get Along by HKS

Maybe cats and birds can live in peace.

Stantec cool cat house


Is it a harp? Is it a bridge? Either way, it looks fun!

ES-EN-EM cool cat house

Meow Miaow by ES-EN-EM

This looks like the front of a cat's face. Not to get political, but I feel like a certain president might enjoy this design.

Are these not the coolest, strangest cat structures that you've ever seen? It almost makes you wish you were a cat.

We can't wait to see what sort of designs these artists come up with next year!

All images by Megan Bob Photography via de zeen

Which of these designs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Architects Design the Coolest, Strangest Structures for Street Cats