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Aquarium Decorations That'll Actually Bring You Joy


My first fish was a goldfish from the local county fair. I brought Nemo home in a plastic bag. All I could think about was how Nemo's current residential situation was awful. I was so ready to get him out of that tied up sandwich bag. On the way home, we stopped at Walmart and got Nemo a small fish bowl. Hey, it was definitely an upgrade from the bag he came in.

It was definitely another temporary home before we got him a larger fish tank. It was a long night at the fair, so we needed a decent night of rest before shopping for a new aquarium and fish supplies. We were sure about the essentials, such as: a filter and fish food, but we were in for a ride when it came to shopping for aquarium decorations. Aquarium decorations were important to us when shopping for Nemo's aquarium. We knew artificial plants and aquarium gravel would make him feel more at home.

Fish Tank Decor

1. Hagen Marina Reversible Aquarium Background

Aquarium backgrounds are great for hiding tubing and chords from aquarium heaters and filters. They also provide a nice underwater atmosphere.

2. Imagitarium Artificial Coral Garden

Adding color to your fish's terrarium is a great way to attract guests to check out your pet. A coral garden adds so much flare for only $14.99.


3. Imagitarium Hideaway Pipes Aquarium Ornament

Pets love their privacy. A hideaway is a perfect for a stress-free environment.

4. Aquatic Plants Imagitarium Potted Feather Plant Aquatic Decor

Fake potted plants are simple, yet provide an ample flashy decor.

5. Penn Plax SpongeBob Squarepants Mini Pineapple House Aquatic Ornament

A SpongeBob pineapple house is on brand for our scaly friends.

6. GloFish Anemone Yellow Aquarium Ornament

LED glow lights are also nice in fish tanks. They can light up a small room with a cool color, and they attract little ones to the fish tank.


7. Penn Plax Trunk Style Driftwood Garden

Silk plants are known for being long lasting! It is a bit pricy, but this garden is colorful and nontoxic. I'd say it's worth it for huge terrariums.

8. Tetra ColorFusion Lighted Décor Blooming Anemone for Aquariums

This looks like a real anemone. Nemo would've loved this!

9. Marina Ecoscaper Hydrocotyle Silk Plant

For a budget-friendly silk plant, you can opt for this 8-inch aquarium plant.

10. Luffy Marimo, Play Toys for Fish and Shrimps, Easy to Care for, Low-Maintenance Live Plants

Turns out fish love to play too! Not only do they add decor to your fish's tank, but bettas love to move them around.


Give your bettas and cichlids a home worth showing off. Fish tank decorations make all the difference between your fish tank looking like you just brought it home, versus proof that you're dedicated to giving your fish a fun home.

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