Apparently, Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania Is a Stray Cat's Dream Town

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According to a Reddit user, stray cats have a great life in this sleepy Pennsylvania town. 

Last week Redditer and Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania resident "photogfriend" posted a photo of a cat sunning itself on a bench in a tiny Pennsylvania town. The discussion that followed proves that Ohiopyle is a paradise for stray cats ... and maybe cat lovers, too.

Photogfriend's original post read:

My town spays & neuters all cats so they can roam free with tourists during the day and return home at night. This local boy was asleep on the bench when I went by from cats

The post and beautiful accompanying photograph garnered immediate attention, and had cat lovers asking just where this dream town was located.

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As it turns out, Ohiopyle is an hour and a half south of Pittsburgh. It's population number tops out at 17, at least when it comes to people who live there year-round. Most of the residents are elderly, and those who are younger travel about 45 minutes to work.

But photogfriend's description of the town makes it sound worth it:

"It's a lovely town. It's surrounded by waterfalls and summer is an amazing time here. Rafting, kayaking, swimming, natural water slides. It's tiny and not the cutest, but it brings much more fun than any other 'charming' town"

Ohiopyle's cats live in a world where they are only half stray. While they don't belong to individual people, some businesses and rafting guides claim them as their own and let them come inside at night if they want to.


During the day they are free to roam the town and enjoy themselves, without the risk of overpopulation, since all cats are spayed and neutered.

Some Redditers responded that they wouldn't be comfortable letting their own cat roam the town for fear of someone taking them. Photogfriend said that it has happened:

"But just last week a tourist came into one of the shops in town and asked whose cat was outside and the workers explained to the woman that it was the stores cat but the cats like to roam freely. She promptly stole the cat and the store workers were very upset. It can and probably will happen more frequently, but I guess if they're going to a loving home I don't care if they take them."

But for cats who don't have permanent, loving homes, the town of Ohiopyle sounds like a great alternative. Road trip, anyone?

Would you like to live in Ohiopyle? Share your thoughts below. 

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Apparently, Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania Is a Stray Cat's Dream Town