Apologetic Lab Knows Cuddles Are the Way to Forgiveness

Posted by Paige Cerulli

You can't help but feel your heart start to melt when this adorable guilty Lab begs his owner for forgiveness. 

You thought you'd seen pitiful dogs, but then you haven't seen this guilty Lab yet. This sorrowful pup takes the cake as he absolutely pleads with his owner to forgive him. We're talking flattened ears, tucked tail-- the works. Basically, this Lab tells his owner in every way possible that he's really sorry for what he's done.

Because the video isn't in English, we're not quite sure of what this Lab is guilty of, but we don't need words to be able to see how sorry he is. And while he just keeps taking his begging act further and further, we're glad to see that his owner forgives him in the end and he gets a much-deserved hug.

Take a look for yourself - could you resist this adorable guilty Lab?

If you own a dog, then at some point he's probably done something naughty. While it's important to discipline your dog if you catch him in the act of doing something bad, there's not much that you can do when you find the aftermath of something that your dog has previously done.

If your dog has had an accident in the house, rubbing his nose in it does not help to discipline him; your dog won't connect the discipline with the accident. In order for discipline to be effective, you need to deliver it within seconds of your dog performing the bad behavior.

If you catch your dog after he's done something bad, the best thing that you can do is to continue to work on his training. Try to catch him in the actual act of doing something naughty so that you can teach him that the specific behavior is not okay.

If you need help, consult a professional dog trainer to help you train your dog.

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Apologetic Lab Knows Cuddles Are the Way to Forgiveness