Another Pair of Rare Horse Twins Born in California

Posted by Paige Cerulli
horse twins
Images via: Fox 5 Atlanta

Beating the odds, another pair of rare horse twins have been born, and they're doing just great. 

It seems this year is the year for twin horses; another pair of rare horse twins has been born in California. Earlier in May, twin horses Bonnie and Clyde were born in Texas. Now, the world has welcomed twin foals Will and Grace.

Will and Grace were born in Sacramento, California this week. Their breeder, Shari Burns, named them not after the TV show, but after their will to live and their grace as horses.

It's incredibly rare for twin horses to be born, and to survive without needing serious medical intervention. Luckily, though, Will and Grace were born without incident, and these foals have both been able to remain at home without needing a trip to the veterinary hospital for critical care.

horse twins

Breeding horses is always a risk, with chances of complications to the mare, foal, or both. Though many mares will develop twin fetuses, the mare's body most often naturally aborts one of the embryos early on in the pregnancy.

If mares carry the twin embryos late into the pregnancy, they can be at risk of a late-term abortion which can bring about issues like illness, fever, infection, and even founder.

horse twins

When mares do carry live foals to term, the birth is often complicated and the success rate low; horses just aren't built to have twins. There are often foaling problems for the mare, and the foals are at increased risk of death during the first few weeks of their life. Constant care is needed and it can be quite time consuming.

Many equine twins are undersized, too; because they develop within the mare's womb which is sized for a single foal, usually both twin foals will be small and some never catch up to normal size during their lives.

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But, sometimes nature works everything out. Will and Grace are evidence of an absolute miracle, and these special rare horse twins look like they have a bright future ahead of them.

Have you ever been lucky enough to have a foal in your barn? Tell us in the comments below!

Images via: Fox 5 Atlanta

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