Animare StreetTheater Floors Audiences with Equestrian Antics

Posted by Stacey Venzel
horse performance

Actors donning equestrian-horse costumes stirrup laughter with hilarious street performances.

There are no neigh-sayers in the crowd of an Animare StreetThreater production. The acting troupe, based out of Brugge, Belgium, travels around the world providing scripted comedy performances in city plazas. The French Horsemen show has become quite a hit, in person and on camera.

Premiering initially in Australia, the equine entourage of crafted cloth horses with dummy rider legs is making its way around Europe. The act follows three riders preparing for the Olympics, miserably showcasing their dressage routines while maintaining the stereotypical French poise.

Every equestrian can relate to the mishaps these horsemen encounter, even if it's all an act.

Would you be a willing voluntary participant for this parody? These tourists are really putting their faith in these Frenchmen and their horses!

The equine act has two performances. If you arrange and cover the cost of lodging, meals and appropriate venue, you could bring your very own dressage parody to a street near you!

Doesn't this show fit the equestrian lifestyle perfectly? We couldn't have done it better ourselves.

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Animare StreetTheater Floors Audiences with Equestrian Antics