Two Husky Dogs Rescued from Aleppo Zoo

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abandoned zoo rescue
Photo: Four Paws International Facebook page

Lucy & Loki find peace after four years in abandoned zoo.

Four Paws International rescued two Huskies, named Lucy and Loki, from the abandoned zoo in war-torn Aleppo, Syria. The two huskies were among 13 animals rescued from the zoo. So, why were Lucy and Loki in a zoo for exotic animals?

"Apparently the original owners had to flee urgently and could not take the dogs with them," Martin Bauer, a spokesperson for Four Paws, told The Dodo.

abandoned zoo

The dogs are now safe in Bulgaria. Volunteers are working on their manners to make it easier to find new homes.

"Both are approximately 4 years old," Bauer said. "Lucy is very friendly and active, whereas Loki is a bit shy. We have already started the socialization program for them and they are doing quite well on a leash."

Four Paws International rescued huskiesanimals rescued from Aleppo zoo

How did they survive?

How did these dogs (let alone three lions, two tigers, two hyenas, two black bears, and more exotic animals) survive for years in an abandoned zoo? Local residents did what they could to feed the animals after zookeepers left. Even so, the animals urgently needed veterinary care and better diets. Many were starving despite the best efforts of volunteer citizens---themselves just trying to survive a war zone. Some of the zoo animals died in bombings prior to the rescue.

abandoned zoo with husky dogsFour Paws International stepped in with the help of security experts, the Turkish environment ministry, and Mohammad Alaa Jaleel, known as Alaa, AKA the Cat Man of Aleppo.

In an operation filled with risk and a lot of wartime diplomacy, they were able to get the okay to enter Aleppo and rescue all of the animals from the zoo. Four Paws found the animals desperately in need of food, dehydrated, and suffering from minor medical issues. All the animals at the zoo are now safely out of Syria.

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animals rescued from Aleppo zoo

Four Paws, established in 1988 and working internationally since 1994, has rescued animals from other war-ravaged zoos in Libya, the Gaza Strip, Mosul, and now Aleppo.

rescue from abandoned zoo

Here's the video of the animals rescued from Aleppo Zoo:


HAPPY ENDING FOR 13 ANIMALS FROM ALEPPO: Today, we want our mission leader Amir Khalil try find the right words for yesterday's mission: "Just the fact that the first nine animals were brought out of Syria is a miracle. It was an organizational and logistical feat. It makes us incredibly happy that we could rescue the remaining animals who were still suffering. We would not have been able to achieve this without the many Turkish volunteers, who helped with the logistics and provided us with important contacts on-site. Many of them took time out of their job or even came from abroad to help. We are also very grateful for the support of the Turkish government which opened the border for us. The help that we receive in Karacabey is tremendous. However, FOUR PAWS has a very good selection of options for the animals between our sanctuaries in Jordan, South Africa, and the Netherlands. Given the critical condition of some animals we need to transfer them to a place that is well-equipped for special medical treatments as soon as possible."And last but not least: Another big thank you goes to our FOUR PAWS colleagues on site, who have been planning and preparing this mission for several months. Who did not sleep in the last two weeks in order to work tirelessly for the four remaining animals. They did not give up until they could finally welcome the four remaining anmals. And yesterday, their work finally paid off. If you want to support our team and the 13 animals on their journey into a new life, we appreciate your donations:

Posted by FOUR PAWS on Saturday, July 29, 2017

Another video of Lucy and Loki safe and sound and learning to relax again:

Meet the two dogs from Aleppo: Lucy and Loki

Meet the two dogs Lucy and Loki, who we also rescued from "Magic World" amusement park near the war-torn city Aleppo in Syria. They spent the last four years of their lives in tiny metal cages at the zoo. But we are sure they were pet dogs before, as they quickly gained trust towards humans again. On a daily basis our team spent time with them, walked them, got them used to harnesses and leashes and tried hard to socialize them. And it paid off obviously, as you can see in today's video. We hope that we will find lovely families that are willing to offer Lucy and Loki the lives they deserve. Please support our mission:

Posted by FOUR PAWS on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

animals rescued from Aleppo zoo

How can you help the animals rescued from Aleppo Zoo?

Donate to Four Paws or find them on Facebook to learn more about Loki and Lucy.

Aleppo zooIsn't it wonderful that these animals are safe? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photos via: Four Paws International Facebook page

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Two Husky Dogs Rescued from Aleppo Zoo