7 Different Animal-Shaped Succulent Planters Just in Time for Spring

Posted by Mateja Lane

Bring animals into every aspect of your life!

If you're an animal lover there is a good chance that there are pets on everything- your clothing, in your kitchen, or in your bedroom.

With spring in full throttle in most of the country, it is time to think about plants!

And those plants belong in pet-themed pots! Your green thumb is aching to start transplanting.

1. Cuteforyou Cute Animal Shaped Cartoon Home Decoration Succulent Vase Flower Pots

corgi succulent planter

This little Corgi succulent pot is almost too cute for words. With a hole on the Corgi's belly, your little plant will have air to breath. This handmade planter would make a great office companion or a dishwashing friend on the window sill.

Get this flower pot for $9.80

2. Coolbila Hedgehog Flower Pot -- Mini Ceramic Planter -- Yellow/Green

hedgehog planter

Bring this little hedgehog into your home as it happily houses a succulent or small flower in its back. Won't this face just cheer you up always?

Get this little ceramic hedgehog pot for $7.99.  

3. GeLive White Succulent Planter Box Plants Pot Decorative Rabbit Mini Ceramic Plant Flower Pot with Tray Saucer Small Animal Planter Box

rabbit succulent pot

This clean little succulent pot will look classy and cute in your home or office.

Get one for $9.99.

It also comes in different animal options:

A cat

cat succulent pot

A hippo

hippo succulent planter

A dog

dog succulent planter

An elephant

elephant succulent planter

A sheep

sheep succulent planter

And a tiger

succulent planter

4. Smartcoco Top Quality Animals Cartoon Resin Flowerpots Akita Husky Dachshund Dog Succulent Plants Creative Micro-Landscape Flower Pot

animal planters

Choose between an Akita, Husky, Dachshund or get one of each.

These little pots cost $6.99

5. Coolbila Cute Animal Shaped Cartoon Home Decoration Succulent Planter Flower Pots (Turtle)

turtle flower pot

What a happy little guy!

Choose between a cat, pig, giraffe, or horse with these cute little pots.

Each handmade pot costs $12.50

6. Tinksky Cute Green Frog Flower Sedum Succulent Pot Planter Bonsai Trough Box Plant Bed Office Desk Home Garden Pot Decor

succulent animal planter

Create your own little ecosystem with frogs underground and a little hedgehog basking in the sun.

Bring the country into your home with this planter costing $7.79.

7. Cartoon Animal Mini Flower Pot Succulent Planter (Pig)

pig planter

Brighten up your desk or kitchen with this little pig planter.

Get this succulent pot for $11.99.

Or if piggies aren't your style you can get...

A bear

bear planter

A chicken

chicken planter

A panda

panda succulent planter

It's hard to choose with all these succulent planters, right?

Well, maybe you just need an animal for every room, and your office. Any true animal lover wouldn't leave one out!

Will you buy these cute planters? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 Different Animal-Shaped Succulent Planters Just in Time for Spring