Animal Aid Rescues Stray Dog with Spinal Cord Injury

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Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about an injured dog unable to stand.

The rescue team rushed to the scene, where they found the dog lying in the road. He had a gaping wound on his lower back and could not move his hind legs, no matter how hard he tried.

One of the rescue team members wrapped the dog in a blanket and loaded him into the truck. The team rushed the dog back to Animal Aid's shelter.

At the shelter, the dog began receiving emergency care. Veterinarians and staff treated his open wound but feared his paralysis due to a spinal injury could be permanent. However, they were determined to do everything they could to help him walk again.


The dog received daily massages and physiotherapy. After several weeks of care and rehabilitation, a miracle! He was back up on his feet and, with a lot of help, walking!

His first steps were unsteady, and he kept tipping over. Fortunately, caring hands were right there to keep him upright. It took seven weeks of intensive therapy before the dog, named Robert, pulled through.

Check out the video below:

Thanks to Animal Aid, Robert is up and walking again. He'll never live another day on the streets, and he will spend the rest of his life safe and sound, surrounded by other rescued animals at Animal Aid's rescue facility.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's tireless efforts on behalf of India's street animals and find out how you can help save precious lives like Robert's.

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Animal Aid Rescues Stray Dog with Spinal Cord Injury