Angel's Story- A Goats of Anarchy Rescue

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A baby goat renamed Angel was in dire need of medical care and lots of love.

Leanne Lauricella, Goats of Anarchy founder, to the rescue!

Leanne found her calling when she left her job in New York City to follow her passion of owning farm animals. When a post on her Instagram account went viral, it was a sign that she was headed in the right direction.

Little did she know that change of careers would eventually lead her to Angel the goat.


Goats of Anarchy is a safe haven for a multitude of animals. Goats, a mini horse, a mini donkey, chickens, a pig, dogs, and bunnies all call Leanne "mom." While Leanne has helped multiple animals to safety, there is one special little girl, Angel, that she has recently added to her brood.

Leanne was contacted by a young woman from Kentucky who had found a baby goat on her grandmother's farm that was suffering from frostbite. Sadly, this baby goat, whom the young lady had originally named Frosty, was born a twin. The mother of the twins had rejected the babies at birth, and Frosty's twin froze to death.

The goat was "quickly rushed inside and put in a warm bath to warm her up."


While the warm bath completely revived her, "the frostbite had already caused extensive damage."

This little baby, found frozen with the placenta still attached, lost the tips of both of her ears, had to have her back left leg amputated at the hip, and her back right leg amputated at the knee. But she had survived! Leanne said that this little goat "suffered extreme trauma but [the young woman] was determined to do anything she could to save her."

Due to a high-risk pregnancy, the young woman was unable to give this baby goat the care that she would need to recover fully, and she took to Facebook to find help. Someone had seen Leanne on the "Rachael Ray" show and urged the woman to reach out.

Leanne got the call:

"After hearing Frosty's story, I immediately said yes, without a doubt I would take her."

Leanne made arrangements to fly to Kentucky to pick up the new little goat.


After a bittersweet trip to Kentucky, Leanne rented a car to drive back to New Jersey with her new family member.

While Leanne understood the little goat's name, she wanted to give this baby a new start. She asked the woman if she could name the baby goat after her. With her blessing, Frosty was now aptly named after her first human mama, Angel.

The day that they arrived back in New Jersey, Leanne ordered a custom wheelchair cart for her special new baby.

"I couldn't wait to get her up and moving because she had been laying down for the first few weeks of her life."

But for the first two days in her cart, Angel didn't move. Not even a step.

Leanne started to get discouraged, wondering if there was any hope. On the third day, Leanne sat down with her tools, on a mission.

"I took the entire cart apart, and then put it back together again differently. She just took off like she'd been doing it all along."


They practice and increase the cart time every day.

She can now stand and walk in her cart for over an hour! The next step is exploring prosthetic options for her partial back leg. Leanne is exploring options with a 3D printing company and remains optimistic.

"She has half of a leg and I'm hoping she can work with it."


Little Angel is currently living in the house. Because she has no way to defend herself, and goats can be tough, it's the best option. Eventually she will move outside and Leanne hopes to have another special-needs baby goat by then so she can pair the two together.

"At the moment she requires 24/7 care because she cannot be left in her cart alone, and she can't be left laying down unsupervised for too long."

Leanne hopes the prosthetic will offer her "freedom and confidence." While Leanne also worries about her bonding with other goats in the future, she has shown no problems bonding with Piney the pig, which Leanne adopted from The Barnyard Sanctuary. Piney has quickly become Angel's best friend.


"I believe Piney has found his calling, which is to comfort and cuddle my special-needs babies."

As Angel grows, her cart and potentially a prosthetic, will also need to grow. Leanne has plans for a barn full of special needs goats and is hoping "that none of them will feel like outsiders."

With an upcoming move, plans to build a barn, an "enchanted goat forest" for all the healthy goats, and a special-needs playground for goats like Angel, Leanne has a schedule as full as her heart!


Wonderful people like Leanne are the reason that special-needs pets get to live out a long and happy lives.

To stay up to date on Angel's story, follow Leanne and Goats of Anarchy on Facebook and Instagram and check out the Goats of Anarchy website!

There is also an Etsy shop to buy apparel, and if you'd like to donate towards Angel's prosthetic leg, you can send donations via PayPal to [email protected] with a note "for Angel." You can also donate to Goats of Anarchy via GoFundMe.

All photos via Goats of Anarchy Facebook.

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Angel's Story- A Goats of Anarchy Rescue