An Older Stubben Saddle Brings New Life to This Iron Horse

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Image source: Stubben via Facebook

In a poignant tribute to his father, a son mounts his father's Stubben saddle to his own iron horse. 

Old saddles are valuable. Sure, they might not have the monetary value they once did, but they hold dreams and memories. They're shaped to those horses that we rode, the ones that taught us lessons we'll never forget. Old saddles are worn from the countless hours we spent in them, the fences we jumped, the trails we rode. And this older Stubben saddle is no exception.

Whereas many old saddles are retired, left to collect dust on a rack or given away, this Stubben saddle's job isn't over. You see, the man who inherited this competition saddle from his father found the perfect way to honor his father's memory when he passed away.

The son mounted this saddle to his own iron horse - a Harley Davidson - and you can bet that he remembers his dad every time he mounts up.



Maybe you don't have an iron horse to wear your old saddle, but there are other ways you can put your old saddle to use. With a bit of engineering creativity, old saddles can be mounted to bar stools to create a unique, equestrian-themed touch in any room. Mount your old saddle with ropes on each corner and turn it into a swing for your kids. Feeling super crafty? If you're talented at painting, you might consider using your saddle as a canvas for your artistic talents.

If your saddle has too much life left in it to be truly retired, then consider giving it to someone who can use it. Horse rescues or therapeutic riding facilities may have a use for your old saddle, ensuring that it continues serving its purpose as it once served you.

Image source: Stubben via Facebook

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An Older Stubben Saddle Brings New Life to This Iron Horse