German Shepherd Goes to Most Extreme Lengths to Free Itself from Abusive Home

Posted by Kat Tretina

Maverick has quite the story. 

Maverick is a long-haired German Shepherd with a sweet face and gentle eyes. Unfortunately, this dog went through a horrifying ordeal due to an abusive owner.

After left for days, or potentially even weeks, with a leash tethered around his legs, the poor dog chewed off his own leg to free himself. Thanks to the work of a dedicated rescue, Maverick has another chance.

Rescue Springs into Action

An officer from the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) happened to come across the dog and, seeing his extreme injury, rushed him to a local clinic.

Veterinarians found rope burns and scars all over Maverick's body, indicating this was not the first time he had been tethered alone; it was just the first time he freed himself. They worked quickly to try and stop the bleeding of his leg and to prevent infection from setting in.


In normal situations, Maverick's leg would have been amputated. However, even though Maverick is only two years old, he already has advanced hip dysplasia. While other dogs can manage just fine with just three legs, his condition makes it impossible. Instead, veterinarians are constructing an artificial foot with padding so he can use that leg to hold his weight up. The surgery is expected to cost up to $5,000 and the MSPCA is accepting donations for his care.

His owner, Kevin Kennedy of Middleboro, has been arrested and will face charges of felony animal cruelty for neglect and failure to pursue necessary veterinary care.

Adoption Process

Maverick is still extremely emaciated and will need time to put on weight and get healthy. Once his surgery is complete and he is determined to be healthy enough to go to a new home, he will be put up for adoption.


Rescue officials say this case is one of the worst cases of abuse and neglect they have every seen However, they also say that Maverick has a sweet temperament, despite everything he has gone through, and that he deserves a second chance at life with a loving family.

The MSPCA asks anyone interested in adopting Maverick to contact them at [email protected].

All photos are courtesy of the MSPCA.

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German Shepherd Goes to Most Extreme Lengths to Free Itself from Abusive Home