From Start to Finish: An Honest Look at Training a Mustang

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Training a mustang is no small undertaking, and this beautiful video chronicles the beginning of the process. 

Would you have the courage to train an unhandled mustang? What if you only had 100 days to do it, and had to compete with the mustang at the end of the time? That's just what Marsha Hartford Sapp, Southern Oaks Equestrian Founder has decided to do with her new mustang, Chason Dreams. Marsha began training a mustang in preparation for the Mustang Makeover in May, and this video chronicles a bit of the process.

Training a mustang is no small undertaking. Unlike young horses that just haven't been started, mustangs haven't been raised in captivity, so they lack the handling experience and general trust in humans that many horses are already equipped with. It's a dangerous undertaking if you don't know what you're doing, and working with mustangs requires patience and understanding of the way that horses think and learn.

Take a look into what training a mustang is really like. Marsha and Chason Dreams had been working together for about a week at the time this video was filmed.

Mustang Makeover events and challenges have grown in popularity in the last decade. They're an excellent way to showcase the versatility and trainability of the mustang, and they're a fun way for horse trainers to test their skills in a competition setting.

But there's another important purpose behind these events: They encourage riders to consider adopting or buying mustangs. Mustang overpopulation in the United States is an ongoing problem, with too many mustangs living on land that can't adequately support all of the horses. It's difficult to adopt out untrained mustangs, but by showing an audience what trained mustangs can accomplish, the event can encourage riders to consider working with or adopting a mustang in the future.

We wish Marsha and Chason Dreams all the best in the Mustang Makeover competition.

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From Start to Finish: An Honest Look at Training a Mustang