An Equestrian's Must-Have Accessory: 5 of Our Favorite Saddlebags

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
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Enjoy your next trail ride while feeling totally prepared! 

Saddlebags are essential for many reasons. As you know, they offer up assistance in providing ample amounts of space to carry your belongings while you're on a ride. You can head up the trails and bring with you all the things you need from a first aid kit to water and snacks. Saddlebags ensure that you are never unprepared.

With that being said, it's important to make sure the your saddlebag does exactly what you need. Below, we have gone ahead a put together a list of some of the saddlebags we love to use. I prefer mine to be constructed for durability, which I am sure we all do. However, some might find a weatherproof bag to be top priority. Either way, this list provides you with some of the best and affordable saddlebags on the market!

1. Cashel Deluxe Saddlebag

camo saddlebag

This saddlebag is for the camouflage lover in all of us.

Equipped with plenty of storage and a place to stash your drinks, this bag is perfect for hitting the trails and it's only $66.59.

2. Tough 1 Nylon Water Bottle/Gear Carrier Saddle Bag


It doesn't get better than this saddlebag. It's extremely roomy but not heavy. This lightweight bag will allow you to carry snacks, water, an extra pair of shorts, and whatever else you need.

Snag it for just $19.59.

3. Cashel Quality Deluxe Small Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag


Here's another one for the camouflage lovers. Head out into the woods with this bad boy and store all of the small survival gear like your bug spray, compass, and flashlight.

This saddlebag is great for a long ride and it's only $37.79.

4. Weaver Leather Trail Gear Saddle Bag


This leather trail bag ensures that your items will remain tight and secure in your bag. Carry around all your necessary items in the main compartments while sticking those necessary items in the side pockets.

This saddlebag is guaranteed to fit your personal items with no hassle and it's just $44.99.

5. TrailMax Original Pommel Pocket

saddlebagAh, something simple. This bag attaches to the front of your saddle and it is small in size so you can really minimize what you bring. This pouch has plenty of room while sacrificing the bulkiness of other saddlebags.

Get this now for only $13.95.

You can carry it all with these saddlebags. With so many choices, I am sure you will find the right saddlebag to fit your needs.

What kind of saddlebag have you been using? Tell us in the comments below! 

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An Equestrian's Must-Have Accessory: 5 of Our Favorite Saddlebags